Michael Jackson Cars

15 07 2009

The Collection Of The King Of Pop


The particular lifestyle of Michael Jackson was that vehicles were used mainly for your limousine. Some of the best known were: a Fletwood Cadillac Series 60, 1954, a Lincoln Town Car 1988 Spur II Rolls Royce and a 1990 Rolls Royce Silver Seraph 1999. The 1988 Lincoln Town Car was a white limousine. Propelled by a V8 engine in five liters, and a comfortable leather interior to its six occupants.

Story continues below Another imposing Fletwood car was the Cadillac Series 60, model 1954, which became famous for appearing in the film Driving Miss Daisy. As for the Rolls Royce limousines, perhaps the Spur II of 1989, represents one of the most symbolic vehicles of this type by introducing elements such as fuel injection system, along with an increased level of car customization.

The other Rolls Royce limousine is the exclusive Silver Seraph 1999. Vehicle that would be customized especially for Michael Jackson, with a greater emphasis on the interior leather, and various details in 24 carat gold, in the passenger car.




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