Camaro Fesler Moss Limited Edition

23 07 2009


Camaro Fesler Moss Limited Edition is now available for sale as a 2010 model in three different versions. The first is the enhancement package, which delivers $ 55,000 to carbon fiber parts, revised suspension, air filter high performance, a new battery, wheels, 22 inches and up remotely.

The next package Fesler Moss for the Competition Chevrolet Camaro, which adds a 30 position adjustable suspension, plus carbon fiber appliqués in places like the front seats, a body kit, racing stripes, a supercargadores kit and enhanced audio system, all for $ $ 90,000.

The best wood for Moss Fesler offering the Chevrolet Camaro is the Limited Edition Package, which has that name because it will only be 60 units per year, all at a price of $ $ 150,000. Each unit will carry a distinctive and numbered plaque signed by Chris Fesler and Jon Moss. We found all the elements of the previous packages, but it adds a stabilizing bars reinforced brake system of competition, the 659 HP LS9 engine, the details of carbon fiber throughout the body and interior, improved exhaust, a pair of Details of the Corvette legacy, other 22-inch wheels and a sports management course 2 days.




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