New Ferrari 458 Italia

29 07 2009


A coupé designed by Pininfarina sublime blending of lines Enzo and California to create one of the most spectacular and super sublime in recent years has forms to remind us that even very McLaren F1.

This is a new V8 of 4.5 liters and direct injection of fuel (derived from California) that delivers 570 HP at 9.000 rpm chilling ¡! … no other model “street” to turn this pace. It also becomes the atmospheric engine with higher specific power of the world, with 126.6 HP / liter. The torque or torque is also very high for such a propeller, and achieves 540 Nm (396 lb-ft) of which 80% is just above 3,000 laps. With this heart, the 458 promises to speed up Italy from 0 to 100 km / h in under 3.4 seconds and reach a maximum of 325 km / h. At this end, Ferrari promises an average of 7.3 km / liter and emission of 320 g / km of CO2.




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21 04 2010

What a beauty!

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