Video – Infiniti Essence Debut!

12 08 2009


Before U.S. Debut At Pebble Beach California.

The Infiniti Essence Concept, introduced at Geneva 2009, is unlike most concept cars in that it is presented with Louis Vuitton luggage matched to the new supercar that is custom fit inside the rear hatch. The Infiniti Essence uses a similar engine to the GT-R at its heart, but adds a newly-developed Nissan corporate electric motor to produce an extra 158 horsepower.

Far from a dressed up GT-R, the Infiniti Essence is hands down the most attractive car to ever come from Nissan, and arguably the most attractive Japanese car in history, concept or not. The instantly iconic design pulls elements from the GT-R and Infiniti’s own G37 Coupe, though resembles nothing on the market today.

There are hints of the Fisker Karma in the Essence’s front end, though the Essence Concept is infinitely more precisely excecuted than the Karma.

With a gasoline and electric combined output of 592 horsepower, the Essence dwarfs even the Nissan GT-R in raw power. This is no track day car though, at a body length of 4720 mm the Essence is as long as a Rolls Royce and likely nearly as heavy.

Layout Front Engine, RWD
Transmission Paddle-Shifted Automated Manual
Type: Turbocharged V6 with 3D Electric Power Assist Motor
Electric Motor Nissan 3D Electric Motor, 158 bhp
Horsepower, V6 434 bhp
Horsepower 592 bhp (combined)
Torque 500 Nm
Body Type 2 Door, 2 Seat GT Coupe
Length 4720 mm
Width 1960 mm
Height 1310 mm
Wheelbase 2800 mm
Wheels 22 inch



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