WCC Chrome Tron Audi R8

7 04 2011


WCC is unveiling their latest creation the TRON AUDI. The TRON AUDI is the creation of Ryan Friedlinghaus owner of West Coast Customs and Noel Lee of Monster Cable. WCC took a $100,000 Audi R8 and turned it into a futuristic TRON inspired chrome Audi.

“Monster Cable approached me with a vision for a car based off of their new line of products that they created with Daft Punk for the TRON movie.” said Ryan Friedlinghaus CEO of West Coast Customs. “To take this car to the next level we gave it a full chromed paint job. (the first in North America to be done) To give this car the full hi tech TRON look when installed programmable LED’s through out the whole car. We placed them behind the grilles, along the rockers and in the air intakes at back. To make to make the car appear to be floating we took Polycast and made customized see thru wheels lit up by more LED’s. Finishing off the TRON feel we made the seats to look like the TRON suits, we sewn in light panels into the black leather seats. For the audio we added a 3 sub speaker box that lights up with the rest of the car also.”

The Process:

Original Car.


Preparing For Paint.

Painting: Bumper, Doors & Hood.


Assembling Parts

How Looks?

Glass Rims



Click above for high-res image

Some Questions:

  • How much that paint job costs?

They start at $60,000 and go up real fast.

  • How do you wash a chrome car?

After its clear coated it can be washed just like any other paint job. They are very expensive so I would avoid automatic car washes and pressure washing just to be safe.

  • Is this legal?

When you can afford a chrome Audi R8 you’re probably not too worried about getting a ticket… That’s true!

  • Chrome Paint?

No, it’s not chrome. It looks just like it though. With tradional chrome you are limited by size. In order to chrome the roof of this car the entire car would need to be dipped into the chrome. You would be talking 7 figures for sure. Plus the car would be too heavy.

  • Most paint jobs don’t take so long. Why does it take so much time?

I guess it depends on where your priorities are at. If you want to spend what most people make in a year on a paint job more power to you. Without knowing the process its hard to understand the costs involved. It requires expensive equipment, a highly skilled painter and hundreds of hours of labor. At least 300 hours went into painting this car.




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