Camaro SS Customized For SEMA Auto Show

2 09 2009


Topo’s Mafia Customs Shop. The Widebody Camaro sits on Pirelli 405/25/24 in the rear. Be sure to check it out in Pirelli’s booth at SEMA.Topo is back at it. Check out these production shots of another 2010 Camaro SS Widebody. After the jump are also shots of a black Camaro he finished not too long ago.

By: DUB.


Phoenix Trans Am Conversion Kit For Camaro

13 08 2009


The Kevin Morgan Trans Am bodykit for the new Camaro is close to reality, with Trans Am Depot committing to production of Phoenix T/A conversion kits and a real-life concept dropping later this month.

You can read the good news in the press release in the next image and scroll through some of the formative design work Kevin did on this project.

Trans Am Depot will be offering body kits that will transform (lowly) Camaros into full-on screamin’ chicken Trans Ams! Based off Kevin Morgan’s original design(s), the Phoenix Trans Am kits will be unveiled at the 2009 Trans Am Nationals. And then you’ll have the chance to own a Trans Am that costs more than a Camaro but is just as fast. Hey – just sayin’. Fully detailed press release after the jump.


Great Trans Am

Source: Kevin Mongan

Camaro Transformer Edition Bumblebee

24 07 2009


The investment that has made General Motors so that their models are protagonists in the saga of Transformers is doing well. In both films the company to take the opportunity to showcase their new models, apart from ensuring that all humanoids are coming space models of the company. Something that I never would have happened decades ago when they find out merenda engrossed watching TV compared to the drawings. Things through marketing, General Motors managed to keep the rights to use the name Transformers and today launches a special edition Camaro Trasformers called.

Fittingly, the car was presented at the San Diego Comic-Con, a convention of comics and popular arts. In reality, what the company is launching a special package that can be applied to the LT and SS versions Rally Yellow color with or without the optional RS package. And forget that the order of appearance change or make things cool, is just about applique stickers with the logo of the good robots. These are located on the side panels in the center of each of the tires in the center console, in the sockets and the bonnet.

The Camaro uses a 3.6 liters V6 engine that delivers an output of 304 hp and 370 Nm. Factory box comes with a six-speed manual, which can be changed by an automatic electronically controlled six-speed also. The SS version is equipped with a 6.2 liters V8 engine that delivers an output of 426 hp and 569 Nm.

Camaro Fesler Moss Limited Edition

23 07 2009


Camaro Fesler Moss Limited Edition is now available for sale as a 2010 model in three different versions. The first is the enhancement package, which delivers $ 55,000 to carbon fiber parts, revised suspension, air filter high performance, a new battery, wheels, 22 inches and up remotely.

The next package Fesler Moss for the Competition Chevrolet Camaro, which adds a 30 position adjustable suspension, plus carbon fiber appliqués in places like the front seats, a body kit, racing stripes, a supercargadores kit and enhanced audio system, all for $ $ 90,000.

The best wood for Moss Fesler offering the Chevrolet Camaro is the Limited Edition Package, which has that name because it will only be 60 units per year, all at a price of $ $ 150,000. Each unit will carry a distinctive and numbered plaque signed by Chris Fesler and Jon Moss. We found all the elements of the previous packages, but it adds a stabilizing bars reinforced brake system of competition, the 659 HP LS9 engine, the details of carbon fiber throughout the body and interior, improved exhaust, a pair of Details of the Corvette legacy, other 22-inch wheels and a sports management course 2 days.

Camaro History

16 07 2009


Derived from the French word for buddy or partner ( “comrade”), Camaro has since become known name and is synonymous with sports car and high performance. It is no secret that, if not for the Ford Mustang, you probably would not have a Chevrolet Camaro. Since 1964, General Motors had seen sales of the Ford Mustang that had reached 100,000 units per year. It needed a new car, with front engine, to make the horse gallop that Ford had for money.

It is no secret that, if not for the Ford Mustang, you probably would not have a Chevrolet Camaro. Since 1964, General Motors had seen sales of the Ford Mustang that had reached 100,000 units per year. It needed a new car, with front engine, to make the horse gallop that Ford had for money.

The Camaro debuted as a completely new model, but was developed jointly with the economic sedan 1968 Chevy II, so the two cars share some of the bodywork and chassis components, including the hood, the floor plate, the arrangement of lower front. The suspension front and rear basic axes. The basic engine of six cylinders Camaro played in the league of the economy and consumption reached up to 8.07 km / l. But the most serious of the Camaro could be created to review the correct combinations among the 81 options that were available from the factory. If that was not enough to build a Camaro to consumer tastes, had 41 other accessories installed in agencies with single computer. RPO designation, regular production option showed a factory option, not the agency.

The Camaro was maintained, but with great difficulty. Federal safety regulations on fuels and emissions, and poor sales led to the Z28 was discontinued in 1975. Consumer demand and sales of the Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am forced to think about the Chevrolet Z28, and bring it back as mid-1977 model, with a special suspension and new cosmetic details. The engine options were reduced, so that by 1975 (a brand of low performance) had to choose between the basic six-cylinder engine and 105 horses and 350 two V8, developing the most powerful (the LM-1) about 155 conservative horses. The LM-1 increased 10 horses in 1976, but lost the basic V8 displacement 4999 cm3 to have (305 pulgadas3) and an output of 140 hp.

If fans could not buy Camaro high performance, they could at least console themselves with more luxury. The Camaro type LT joined the fleet in 1973 with a 145 hp V8, a full suite of tools, special trim and moldings. In typical fashion of the Camaro, the LT could be combined with packages of options or RS Z28. However, the choice of the Super Sport became history.

The year 1987 marked the return of convertible for the first time since 1969. And most important, the 350 Corvette V8 engine 225 hp (but with heads and cast iron exhaust manifolds different) are joined back to the fleet, and was available only in cupés SWIR.

Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Concept – 2011

27 05 2009


Have to wait until 2011 to see this cars on the streets.

Pontiac Trans Am – ASC Transforms

24 05 2009


2010 Chevy Camaro and make a Pontiac Trans Am.

There are lots of enthusiasts out there who still have a soft spot for Pontiac. However, warm feelings of nostalgia won’t be enough to save Pontiac since the brand is being cut off. However, for those that still love the Pontiac brand, American Specialty Cars can make a special one-off for you. They can take your 2010 Chevy Camaro and make a Pontiac Trans Am out of it for those that are sad to see the historic brand die. The ASC resumé consists of the Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder, Toyota Camry Solara Convertible, as well as some specialty cars. The Chevy SSR, GMC Syclone/Typhoon and the Buick GNX.