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30 07 2009

Cool site. I espeacilly like your banner for the main page.

18 08 2009
Eric // Ford Motor Co.


I’m writing on behalf of Ford Motor Co. to share a new video documentary from the 2010 Mustang Unleashed series. Just launched, “Mustang Payback” is the story of a dream that any high school gearhead would relish: the chance to drag race their teacher.

Hearing his shop teacher Mr. Rosenblum talk up his racing skills in class, it became 18-year-old Derek Murrell ‘s dream to face off against his teacher and mentor. Derek submitted this idea in an essay to the 2010 Mustang Unleashed contest and was selected to have his dream produced in a video diary.

I invite you to view the video and share it with your readers. You can find embeddable clips here: http://m80im.com/newsroom/2009/08/17/student-races-teacher-2010-ford-mustang-mustang-payback/

Eric H.
on behalf of Ford Motor Co.

15 09 2009

hey guys,

Just letting you know about some new videos ford has released that compares the 2010 Taurus to more expensive luxury cars. They’re pretty fun and informative, check em out!


If you have any questions, pls let me know,


1 10 2009

Some cool new Ford stuff, check it out if you have a sec…


14 10 2009

Hello ,

I’m reaching out to share the latest video diary from the 2010 Mustang Unleashed series. Just launched, “Unexpected Turn” is a story about two Mustang fans fulfilling a lifelong dream: taking a road trip across the US in a Ford Mustang.

16 years ago financial problems forbid this dream, today the 2010 Mustang makes it possible in this video: http://m80im.com/newsroom/2009/10/07/father-son-ultimate-mustang-road-trip-latest-2010-mustang-unleashed-video-diary/

Please let me know if you’d like any more info for your readers…

Ben Bigelow
M80 Marketing

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